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@promt Office Translator English-German

@promt Office 7.8 gives home and small offices a simple, powerful way to work with multilingual
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6 December 2007

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Business organizations always seek to enhance their operations and scope for more financial gains and establish a strong position in the ever volatile markets and to handle competition more efficiently. Glottalization and diversification leads to coming together of different business entities belonging to different cultural backgrounds with only the common business purpose bringing them together. In such situations, language often becomes a problem and poses barriers into the way of transparent communication which calls for the need of translators, which in turn attracts costs and extra financial components. Promt Office Translator English-German 7.8 is an enhanced computer application that facilitates intensive translations and interpretations for business purposes that can be useful for all types of businesses and size of operations.

Promt Office Translator English-German opens with a compact and amiable interface with the options arranged intuitively across the application. The software provides home and small business units a powerful way to work with multinational business and technical documentation. Further, it can be useful for presentations, web pages along with ICQ instant messaging chats and even for image files used in the way of communication. Including a number of sophisticated translation options and seamless tuning options, the software also entails creating user dictionaries, reserving words that do not require translation and tweaking the translation rules to ensure highest quality translations. It further makes web browsing easy regarding the foreign language along with saving the navigation links; besides enabling communication faster and simpler amongst the users. The software supports all major European languages and also facilitates instant look up of words and phrases with the electronic dictionary swiftly translating a single word or a complete phrase.

Promt Office Translator English-German earns rich kudos for its enhanced performance and functionalities and gets a rating score of four points for its user friendly application and superlative features.

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@promt Office 7.8 gives home and small offices a simple, powerful way to work with multilingual business and technical documents, presentations, web pages, ICQ instant messaging chats, even image files. The software includes a number of translation options and program tuning options, such as creating user dictionaries, reserving words which do not need to be translated, and tweaking translation rules to ensure the highest-quality translation. Even researching foreign language sites on the web becomes easy, with real-time translation of web pages, including preservation of navigation links. Using @promt Office 7.8 enables even the smallest business to communicate effectively with customers and business partners around the world; most common European languages are supported.
Supports English - German language translation.
- Get the gist of foreign-language text. Fast and accurate translation with a single click.
- Instant lookup of words and phrases. Electronic dictionary enables quick translation of a single word or phrase.
- Easy translation of text in Adobe Acrobat files. Full-featured translation options integrate with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat 5.0-8.0 to enable the translation of PDF files.
- Extracts and translates text from image files (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PDF).
@promt Office Translator English-German
@promt Office Translator English-German
Version 7.8
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